Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pork Roll

                                                         This recipe will sound crazy, but trust me... it's good!
It is a sushi style, meat roll made up of minced beef, bacon, cheese and onion! It's LUSH!

-500g minced beef
-Salt & Pepper
-A splash of cream
-Additional spices (optional)
-6 rashers of streaky bacon (smoked or unsmoked)
-2 1/2 cheesy strings (or any other kind of cheese, cut into a long, thin strip)
-1/2 tub of Danfood onion salad crispies ( or similar)
-BBQ sauce

-Sushi style rolling mat
-Basic kitchen tools (knifes, bowl etc.)
-BBQ or grill
-Cling film/ silver foil

1. Lay out your sushi rolling mat with a rectangle of cling film on top.
2. Place down the rashers of bacon, going away from you and slightly layered over one other.
3. Put the minced beef in a bowl, add salt and pepper, cream and the optional spices.
4. Once combined, pat the minced beef mixture over the bacon, in an evenly thin layer.
5. Then, lay down the cheese strings at the bottom of the rectangle, closest in front of you.
6. Now, tightly roll the rectangle from the bottom, in a sushi style, releasing the cling film and mat as you go.
7. Prepare the BBQ or grill for about 180 C/350 F.
8. Place the roll on a sheet of silver foil. Put onto the BBQ or grill, not over direct heat.
9. Leave to cook for 25 minuets.
10. After the set time, leaving the roll on the BBQ/grill, smother in BBQ sauce.
11. Cook for a further 10 minutes, and once again smother on more BBQ sauce.
12. Again, cook for 5-10 minutes and smother in BBQ sauce.
13. Remove from the heat and place on a board which can collect juices.
14. Grab a handful of onion crispies and rub into the roll, top and sides.
15. Move on to the serving board.
16. Slice into desired portions. And ENJOY!

 So, there you have it! A great BBQ recipe that everyone (except vegetarians) will adore this summer! I had great fun making this pork roll, and I will surely be making it again in the future!

It's delicious and reasonably cheap! This 1 roll, fed 4 hungry people, and with some homemade chips, roasted peppers and salad, it made for a great meal.

Price per roll:
£2 - minced beef
£1.05 - bacon
46p - cheese strings
69p - onion crispies
50p - BBQ sauce
50p - others aprox.

Total per roll - £5.20 aprox.

Please do go ahead and experiment a bit, with different spices and sauces, if you are vegetarian then conjure up some amazing vegetarian version! Make one from chicken, lamb or any other meat you want!


Bye! Xxx

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