Friday, 17 April 2015


Nut-ella, Noo-tella, however you say it, it's delicious!
For me it is best when smothered on lightly toasted white bread.. it's a great way to wake up in the morning.

But plain Nutella does get a bit dull from time to time! So here are a few of my favourite Nutella combos... Enjoy!

Fruit! This is my favourite topping! Either on toast or pancakes, it gives it a nice sweet, juicy kick!
- Strawberries are the best as they are sweet and flavoursome, but also keep their shape and don't go everywhere when you bite into it.
-Bananas are also a good choice. Once again, they hold their shape, and will keep you going for much longer than just regular toast.
-Pear is TOO  juicy and doesn't actually have that much flavour, so this one isn't great, but still makes breakfast a bit more adventurous!
-Apple is OK! However, the combination of crispy toast, smooth Nutella and crunchy apple is a little bizarre!
-Orange, I haven't tried, but could potentially be quite good. It would probably be a bit like eating a nutty chocolate orange! I expect that the juice may shoot across the room when you bite into the chunks but... Hey!

Butter is the biggest no-no in my opinion! I'm sure many of you already know this but, I'm just reminding you!

I like Nutella with scotch pancakes and crepes, and I've heard that nutella sandwiches are good too... I'm not sure about the last one!

I found some cool Nutella facts on the website:
  • You could circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella produced in one year.
  • You could cover the great wall of China 8 times with the number of jars of Nutella sold in a year.
  • If you were to use the amount of Nutella consumed in one year as clay, you could build Big Ben 22,000 times.
Go check out the website, it's got some cool stuff on there!

By the way, I am not a well known blogger so this is not sponsored in any way... I just genuinely LOVE Nutella!

I would love to hear your favourite Nutella combos and if you used any of the ones I mentioned, please comment down below with your thoughts!


Bye! Xxx

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  1. My favourite is Nutella and banana on toast! :)