Sunday, 12 April 2015

Greetings Internet!

Greetings Internet!

I'm starting this blog in an attempt to venture out into the internet! I'm not exactly a great writer, or have anything to teach you, I just wanted a secret place were I can spill out everything I want to say.

This blog will be about cake, food, reviews and possibly DIY's.  I want it to be anonymous and for this blog to be a positive place.So NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS please!

This part is super cliché, so prepare yourself....
I was inspired by Zoella and after reading GirlOnline I thought 'why not?!' I thought her book was really thoughtful and one of the deepest books I've ever read! (which isn't hard, considering, before I read it my favourite books were David Walliams!)

So, yeah!

I was thinking of uploading weekly, probably on Sunday's, but given I'm not the best with technology (and deadlines) it may waver!

I honestly will be amazed if anyone ever finds this blog, let alone read my posts and if, if you followed...... I would be SO overwhelmed!!!!


Bye! Xxx

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  1. Found you Little Miss Blogger..... be overwhelmed :-)