Monday, 4 May 2015

Beautiful Bow Brooch

Here is my first LittleMissBlogger DIY addition! This beautiful Bow can be made into a broach, badge, buckle or hair accessory, so you can adapt it to fit your style!
 I think it looks really quirky and abstract, especially with the contrasting thread to fabric!
 So... let's begin!

What will you need?...
19"x 15" of any fabric (I used sheer material)
Contrasting. or matching thread
Fastening piece (hair clip etc.)

Sewing machine or fabric glue

1. Start by cutting out the following pieces:( 2x 19"x4" , 1x 19"x7") The tails are optional, I chose not to use them.
2. Pick up the bow piece and pin from the top and bottom. From the top pull the material down by about 1" and from the bottom pull up around 1 1/2".
3. Sew close to the edge of the newly folded hem and lay down flat again.
4. Fold the seams together, with the loose ends in. Sew along both sides.
5. Complete steps 2- 4 with the tie (and tails) piece(s), however only bring down 1/2" - 1" from the top and bottom.
6. Pick up the bow piece and loop it around into a continuous circle (like you can see in the picture to the right). Sew in a square, incorporating all the ends and folding over the shown edge to make a seam.
7. Now, loop around the tie piece, and adjust until you are happy with the shape of your bow, follow this by pinning as close the the body of the bow as possible. (see in picture below).
8. Next, sew as tightly as possible to the body of the bow - if you want - this part may be easier to hand stitch.
9. Trim off any extra material to get a neat finish.
10. To add a hair piece fastening, I tightly sew the loops of the clip onto the back of the bow, until it was not wobbling.

You can add any other embellishments you want as well as changing up the different types of fastening. It didn't take me very long either, I would say around 1 hour!

Please let me know what you think and whether you want more DIY's. I hope you like sewing as much as do!

(Just to let you know, my sewing machine is a Toyota).                 Enjoy!

Bye! Xxx

P.S. May the 4th be with you!

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